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What Is the Weather Like on the Pacific Coast?

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The Pacific Ocean is known as one of the biggest oceans on Earth. Most of the unexplored part of the world’s waters belongs to that part. There are so many myths and stories about sea creatures living in that area due to the limited number of people traveling in waters using that direction. A Pacific coast of the country is the coast bordering the Pacific Ocean. And if your country has a pacific coast, it means that you are beside thousands of miles of water area. You might want to rethink about staying there especially on the Pacific coast proper. Due to the vast area that the Pacific covers, it harbours so many coastal areas in the West and in Asia as well. And if you are curious enough to ask what the weather like on the Pacific coast is, you would be surprised to know that it varies from one place to another.

There are more than ten countries in the Western side of America that have a Pacific coast as their Western border. These countries are Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and the West Coast of the United States. Meanwhile, there are less than ten countries in Asia that have a Pacific coast as their Eastern border such as Russia, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Philippines, and Taiwan. But to the gravest extent, there are three countries in Oceania that have a Pacific coast in the entire border of their country. These countries are Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Some countries experience the same weather, while others do not.

Wet And Perfect For Summer Get-Away

Almost all Pacific Coasts of the countries in the West, Oceania, and Asia are perfect for summer vacations. The beach is so wonderful that you would want to go back in the area over and over again. The Pacific Ocean gives off lovely water for the beach that makes swimming in the Pacific Coast a lot better. Most countries have made their Pacific coast the vacation centers of the country to provide locals and foreigners a one of a kind vacation that they definitely would not want to miss.

Hot And Dry

Due to a very large portion of water area, this affects the temperature that is being radiated by the sun. The vast water of the Pacific re-radiates the sun rays along with its high temperatures to its territory including borders. This is another added element that makes most Pacific coast perfect for summer seasons. This is the weather almost year round. And this is exactly what the visitors are looking for.

Typhoon Threats

Most Asian countries that have Pacific coasts are experiencing many typhoons and rainy seasons within the year. Storm clouds are formed always in the Pacific Ocean, and the fast wind velocity in the area almost always sends the storm clouds in the East border. Typhoons from the Pacific Ocean are known to be so strong that the countries with these storms suffer much flooding in the central area, and tsunami in the borders. The strong wind in the Pacific Ocean is always pointed to the East direction which is why most clouds are sent in that direction.

The West borders are not free from these typhoons. The Western countries are experiencing a few months in a year of rainy season. It is the time when business is weak in the area. No one wants to swim and go beach hopping under the rain. But the west is not experiencing the same strength of typhoon as the West area. But when hurricanes come in other parts of the country, it adds moisture to the rain clouds in the border causing more rains to fall during the rainy days.

Some Countries Have Winter

Some selected pacific coast areas have winter seasons. Those countries are the once near the Antarctic Ocean. The very low temperature in the area imparts greatly on the weather and season of the Pacific Coasts of these few countries. But the winter season is not long enough, and these countries experience wet and dry months as well.

The weather in the pacific coast is over all perfect for your vacation time. All you need to consider is where and what area you should go in order achieve the weather that you are expecting. You can expect the rainy seasons to last for 2-3 months, and enjoy the hot beach ready sun all year round. The weather in the pacific coast is one of the most predictable weathers in most countries. And you surely would like to experience t for yourself.

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